Macross Frontier 22

September 8, 2008

Well, even though this ep. didn’t really suit my taste, there was still a lot of progress…
First of all, Fold Wave’s are detected from Sheryl’s singing, well something like this was to be expected but still, her “new” song was up unitl now the best one of her (in my opinion…), but after all she’s infected, BUT IS THERE A WAY TO HEAL HER???… (like Luca said, but unfortunately we didn’t her too much about it…)

Then SMS’s disbanded but some brave heroes are ignoring that order and change their branche, now they are pirates^^

(the only thing to do in this kind of situation)
When they tried to flee, some pilots to pursue them were send (of course^^) but what really surprised me, was the fact that Alto/Luca fought against them, I really expected them to become pirates too.
Still, there was a showdown between Ozma/Alto which ended in a draw (if you ask me) and they managed to get away…

Ranka didn’t get much screentime but I think she isn’t that important anymore, as it seems that Alto decided for Sheryl… but still, she’ll play an important role in the final battle which’s going to occur soon, I’m sure of it. Well, I expected more of this ep. ‘cuz the recent ones were really amazing but the turn of events etc. was quite interesting so the ep. wasn’t that bad at all…


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