Nijuu-Mensou no Musume 16

September 8, 2008

Before I start to write I’d like to say, that I’m really disappointed in that show, there’s really no progress, the same thing’s repeating itself…
First of all there’s a Manga of the “Detective Girls”, well it didn’t really showed the actual truth (hmm, I think Manga aren’t supposed to show the truth^^).

After Chiko met an old professor of Twenty Face’s and heard his story, she’s DOUBTING him

(:O:O:O SHOCKKKKKK), but after some rest and thought, she’s sure that she really inherited the legacy of Twenty Faces and after some research as well as the help of a teacher, she discovers that a song which she knows from him is actually a poem as well as a song and she thinks that there has to be some clue about the legacy. But n the middle of her research she got attacked by a crazy man/shounen

(hmm, what exactly was he…^^) as well as rescued by her hero Ken-niichan^^.
In the end she decided to run away from home and search for Twenty Face’s (once again, this time with his old Professor^^) and that’s it, like I said, after the third time it repeats itself, it get’s boring^^.


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