Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 9

September 10, 2008

I was really looking forward to this ep. but unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the recent ones (I don’t want to say it wasn’t good, but I was missing this “special-something”^^).
The classic topic of the school-festival was used once again, but well this kind of anime is perfectly suited for this^^.

(The completely new idea of an cosplay caffee^^)
BUT, Yuuto’s an executive comitee member –> in the beginning it seemed that Haruka was a bit lonely

but this was a misinterpretation from my side, but still Haruka wanted to help Yuuto the best way she could.
AND THEN Yuuto asked for her help!! (he wanted to know more about cosplay–> she brought him to a cosplay shop^^)
but there various things happened and both of them ended up in a quite intimate situation^^.

After that Yuuto learned, that Haruka was supposed to attend an important meeting with her father instead of accompanying him (:O:O:O) but even after her father is approaching him very furious he’s protecting her and in the end the “divine force” is punishing him^^.

After that Haruka asked Yuuto to attend the Folk Dance with her and his answer was NO (just joking, calm down^^), of course it was yes^^.

In the following night she made some “special-cookies” for him (for his hard work etc.) and the time she wanted to deliver them to Yuuto (I knew it, the momen she was running through the building and this music^^) but then she saw Yuuto and Shiina in a, well, complicated situation.

(That’s all a big MISUNDERSTANDIG, do you know this word, such things often occur in this kind of show, if you’re an otaku you should know this^^). Well, my opinion like I just said, MISUNDERSTANDING!!!!!^^.
In the next ep. this situation’ll be resolved in 2 minutes and then there’ll be a happy folks-dance at the end, I’m sure of it^^ so let’s look forward to it…


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