Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo 10

September 10, 2008

Before I start, I would like to say that this ep. was one of the best from the entire season, but up until know I didn’t really like it, the “old” seasons were much better, less fillers more story…:'(.
After their escape in the last ep. the entire knight-squad looked for them but they hid at Jessica’s place and they even helped them to make a plan for their rescue mission by giving everybody a costume to disguise themselves, but even this can’t happen without Siesta/Lousie arguing^^.

In the meantime Colbert-sensei made a plan which included himself as well as Siesta and these other two “unsignificant beeings” whose names I just can’t remember^^ as diversion and the others for the actual mission.

To accomplish this he planned to steal the “Ostland” which was used for the search for them.
‘Cuz it is heavily guarded and we all know, Colbert-sensei doesn’t like unnecessary casualties –> in order to get the “Ostland” back, he made a interesting suggestion (a non-teacher-like suggestion^^),

and with this amazing plan was well as the ship’s brute force they managed to succeed with their plan.
In the meantime Sato and the others managed to get out of the city and one step close to save Tabitha, well Louise was extremely depressive (she’s not a noble anymore, she’s lost anything, only Saio’s left etc….) but after some kind actions from his side,

she changed back to her old self^^.
In the end Colbert-sensei and his crew surrendered in order to avoid casualties and ‘cuz they did their part in the plan.

But Agnes was the one to capture them (to be honest I really forgot the fact that they all belive Colbert-sensei’s dead^^) and what followed was the “Higurashi”-style^^,

but after a furious attack at him, she calmed down and this was the end.
After I saw the preview I was really disappointed again, ‘cuz it seems that this’ll be a filler-ep. once more:'(. But they should hurry up with the story-development (well, the end’ll be that Tabitha’ll be saved and that’s it, once more no progress with Louise/Saito :'(, but still, deeeeeeeep inside I hope for more, but my reason’s telling me, “there won’t be more”^^, but still, don’t let the hope die…


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