D. Gray-man 100

September 13, 2008

:O:O the 100th ep.^^, but if you ask me, this was one of the most ridiculous ep. for quite some time.
First of all this kiddy-like LV4, to be honest they really could have made it look at least a bit more terrifying^^.

Then this completely crazy beeing’s THAT strong, that was the most ridiculous part about it. How should it be possible for the Generals (every one of them was quite beaten up by ONE attack of this kiddy…) to beat this thing?!?!?!

There’s a REEEEEEEEEEEALLY big update for Allen’s Innocence needed…

(That’s a nice way to put it…^^)
After the LV4 “defeated” every available Excorcist, it started to kill his own man, like I said, crazy little thing…

and in the end it started to attack the rest of the HQ.
In the preview we were able to see that the Innocence’ll be forcefully put into Lenalee, and let me guess, she’ll get strong enough to beat this LV4 up…^^. I’m sure that’ll be the matter, and if I’m right it’ll be that ridiculous, I can’t describe it… I think that the next ep. will be kinda disappointing if you aren’t a Lenalee-fan:'( but still, I hope that my prediction’ll be wrong…


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