Macross Frontier 23

September 13, 2008

First of all, now it’s serious, Alto and Sheryl are a couple (so it would seem…^^).

We learned a little bit about Ranka’s past AND, that Brera’s her Onii-san (well, even he didn’t know it…^^).
The two of them managed to find the Vajira’s home planet and Ranka’s confident, that they’ll be able to fulfil their “mission”, and if it’ll get worse, she can sing…

(Yeah, except the time at Frontier…^^)
Then we learned, that the Vajira are using fold waves as well as a bacteria to communicate and that their entire race could be seen as ONE beeing. THis bacteria’s lethal to mankind (SHERYL…), but Ranka, who’s infected with it could live one, which means that she chose to coexist with the Vajira and due to that’ll lead mankind to death… (It’s kinda hard to explain in words, if you want to know the exact circumstances, watch the ep.^^).
After Alto heard that, there was only one thing for him to decide

and Klan’s response

seemed to be true:O:O:O:O.
In the end Alto’s true love is RANKA (SHOOOOOOOOOOCK, after all I thought you decided on Sheryl, well, I don’t really like her, but still…:O:O) and as to be expected, Sheryl happend to overhear this conversation. After that the government was announcing a jump to the Vajira’s mother planet, which’s going to be mankind’s new home…
This ep. was quite interesting as well as shocking and the development was kinda nice. On top of that a great base for the next and final ep. was built

(:O:O looks like there’ll be an amazing final-fight…^^) and I really enjoyed it.
Even though I somethimes thought that this show was kinda strange, I think it’ll turn out really good and after Code Geass, this show is my favourite On-Going. Let’s hope that the end’ll be as good as we all hope…^^


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