Naruto Shippuuden 75

September 13, 2008

Unfortunately, this ep. was only a filler, but still, it was kinda funny and a base for the future ep. was built (well, ep. like this are necessary in a show this long…).
After Naruto managed to split the waterfall, Sakura’s Soldier Pills weren’t needed anymore and the very unfortunate Sai was the next victim of this “Monster-pills”…

(Yeah, they can, but not the way you wish…^^).
The we saw Naruto’s endless battle for food, well, he was that hungry that we can’t call that a battle

, but after his beloved Ramen-restaurant was turned into a tsukemen-restaurant, his spirit’s revived and he’s complaining like no other. In the end he manaded to get his self-made-tsukemen-ramen and the training could continue (after Kakashi used his special skills on Yamamoto and in the end he paid the food^^.)

After that the fact that Kakashi’s able to use Rasengan was revealed :O:O.
In the end there was a preview again (well, that’s not something new^^) and we saw that there’ll be one of the long-awaited DOUBLE-ep. again and finally Azuma and Shikamaru’ll fight against Akatsuki, to be honest, I’m really looking forward to it…


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