Sekirei 11

September 13, 2008

:O:O I wrote last time, that I was really looking forward to this ep., and even if the end was quite nice, the first part was kinda boring as well as unnecessary so I will start with my “report” at the second part. (Or do you want to read the almost eternal worries of every char…^^)
First of all the escape plan got discovered and harcore-Kuu showed her true abilities in order to let Minato and the others escape

but unfortunately she wasn’t able to stop the MBI so Matsu’s had to leave her room and actually fight in order to save her^^,

and it turned out, that she wasn’t that bad of a fighter^^.
After that we were able to see the “ulimate-combo” Matus-Kuu-Fighter”…

In the meantime Minato’s group got stopped by two of the Sekirei from the Disciplinary-Squad and Musubi engaged in a fierce fight with one of them. Even though she was truly superior (at least that’s my opinion), by threatening Minatsu, she was able to beat her and…

her Sekirei crest DISAPPEARED and she died :'(:'(:'(:'(.
Well, in the end Tsukiumi decided to fight for Minato too, TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO late of course, but don’t cry, there’s hope.
In the preview, Musubi was ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!, something with the Sekirei of destiny, but well, let’s look forward to the next, final, ep. (I think the end’s really rushed, the fight can’t possibly be over, but well, maybe there’ll be a second season like Druaga no To…), still, this ep. was, hmmmmmmmm, normal (not too good, not too bad^^).


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