Strike Witches 11

September 13, 2008

Well, that’s it, Strike Witches’s over…
Just joking, but really, this line was quite a shock but after the end of the previous ep. something like that was to be expected.
After the new “Warlock-unit” annihilated the Neoroi quite well, there was no need for the “Strike Witches” anymore…
But then (what a surprise) the machine started to think on it’s one during the first mission (or something like that^^) and even though it was quite cool (at least in the beginning, but well, in the end too…)

it “transformed” into a Neoroi or at least a kinda similar beeing

and attacked the HQ as well as anything else.
‘Cuz there’s no defense at all (still, every Witch didn’t return to their homelands as they were ordered to…) without Strikers there’s nothing they can do.
Fortunately Sakamoto was well equipped for this kind of situation (:O:O a hidden Strike-unit in the wheel chair^^) and it turned out, that Miyafji’ll fly with it to distract the Warlock-unit.

This ep. was, well, nice but I was missing something, though I can’t say what. Still, the base is quite good for the next, final, ep. and I think a nice end’s possible…


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