Code Geass R2 23

September 17, 2008

Ahh, sry that I haven’t posted earlier, I wasn’t in the right mood^^^^. Well, let’s start with CG23 if you ask me a really amazing ep. which’ll be a good base for the final turn.

(Yeah!! and why don’t you know about EVERYTHING!!!!!!!, stupid question Lulu, doesn’t suit you^^).
After FELIA was used Schneizel made Nunally believe, that every citizen’s save, well for Nunally to belive it, that was to be expected, but CORNELIA!!!!

(Yeah, you know they are all save and sound..^^)
and the result for her utterly foolishness was…

(It’s time to say goodbye, but well, this is CG, we can’t know if she’s really dead^^).
And then, can this be, Lulu&C.C

no way, he’s already Kallen^^, but well, CG isn’t that kind of show, and Lulu isn’t that kind of person^^, girls you all’ll be very unhappy^^.
Back to the real-live fight that is going to occur, at first Lulu and Schneizel are commanding their troops with reaaaaally interesting formation names…

and to be honest I wanted to say something, but fortunately I haven’t to…

Well, in the end Lulu’s to use his special tactic to burn the enemie armies

(:O:O nice look)
and it seems that Schneizel underestimated Lulu.
Well, the next act from his side was to desperately fire FLEIA, but… NUNALLY PRESSED THE BUTTON TO FIRE^^ (Yeah, she wanted to take all the sins ‘cuz she isn’t able to do anything^^).

:O:O there were some great turns and I’m REEEEAYLL looking forward to next weeks last turn and I’m REAAAAALY curious about the end…


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