Sekire 12 [END]

September 18, 2008

Last time I said that the end seems to be kinda rushed, and I was right. The fights of this ep. were freakin awesome,

(nice attack^^)
but there were some, well, strange things…
The desperate Minato was “fighting” against Benibara

(Well, not really fighting^^), and the moment he was about to be killed and even Tsukiumi wasn’t able to help him anymore, the thing we all knew from the preview happend…

and then there was my first wtf!!, Yume, Number 8, the Destiny-Sekirei (:O:O There isn’t enough love…^^), well yeah, she was enormously strong, but WTF!!!!!!!^^. Fortunately she changed back to Musubi (well, I’m able to understand it ‘cuz of some past memories which were shown before… still) and everything was alright.

(Mission: Succeed…^^)
and everything went back to normal, YEAH, I almost forgot, or precious bishounen was winged too…

Yeah, a pretty unsettled end which is screaming for a second season and I’m sure there’ll be one…
Now about the show in general, I think I put my hopes a bit too high, even though it wasn’t a usual ecchi-anime, like I expected, I though too highly of it, ‘cuz in the end there wasn’t THAT much story… but still, the fights were awesome and I enjoyed the show to the end, so I can recommend it to anyone who’s searching for an easy show, well, much better than Ikki Tousen…^^


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