World Destruction 11

September 18, 2008

Hmm, after many senseless, but funny and enjoyable ep. this one was the first, to show some progress and I really liked it…
First of all:

(WHAT THE HELL…, why are you asking questions like that, wanna end this show…^^)
Well, the truly frightening question:

(I believe we all expected something very violent…but!!)

(:O:O what a calm reaction *SHOOOOCK*, but well, it’s not something to be proud of…^^)
Then we learn, that Mia is reeeeally stupid…

and what I wanted to say… was said by Dr. Aligator (whenever I hear names like that, I can’t help myself but think of a comic…^^)

(YEAH, nothing to say against…^^)
In the meantime we see Toppi’s “HISATSU hibernating move”

(I belive you’ll hear this word some times more… for all that don’t know, hisatsu = sure kill^^) and after Morte and Mia engaged in a fierce battle we were able to see TRUE friendship

(:O:O you aren’t running without him…^^)
and then Kirie’s “HISATSU wake Toppi up move”

but even that wasn’t able to wake him up…
Well, in the end, the Destruct Code got in Dr. Aligators possession and the WSC fell down an abyss…).
Well, I really don’t know if I should look forward to next ep. or not, we don’t know what’ll happen…, but well, I think it won’t be that bad…^^


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