Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo 11

September 18, 2008

Why?!?!, I’m really missing the good old times like season 1/2, season 3 only contains fillers and ecchi, nearly no story at all :'(, judging from this you may guess that I didn’t really like the ep. Well the fight was nice, really nice, but except that…
Then let’s start, first of all we learn, that Louise is defenitely NOT suited for for ero-chat up line (sry, don’t now a better word, but I think you all understand what I mean^^).

(No, no, I think except with Saito, you won’t succeed with this kind of thing^^).
Then it turned out, that Kirche knew about the Void magic, but well, this was really exaggerated

but if you like to, do it that way, you’re making a fool out of yourself, but…^^
Then the plan they used… after I heard it I knew, that this ep. would be quite much senseless… well, except Louise, every girl just danced, but the landlord (I say landlord ‘cuz I just forgot the name of this perverted little monster^^) seemed to have “special-interests” in Louise, but well, right after the beginning he wanted something from Louise… and the result was…

What happened in the meantime… Colbert-sensei was released and it seems that Agnes’s forgiven him…

Hmm, then Kirche’s pla succeeded and all the soldies fell asleep, but then this little elf is attacking them (ahh, once again I forgot his very LOOOONG name^^), but not problem for Saito&Louise, together they defeated him like nothing^^.

And then, this end… extremely rushed like, “hello Tabitha, sry we took so long, nice to see you, how are you, let’s go home”, it was like nothing happened and I though it would be much better…

Yeah, that’s it, nothing special, I’m really disappointed, at this rate I believe, they shouldn’t have made a 3rd season:'(, it’s going to end soon, and to be honest there was no REAL story…
Well, let’s see what the last few ep.’ll bring, but now, I really don’t expect much…


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