D. Gray-man 101

September 19, 2008

Well, to be honest, I think this ep. was pretty much just a filler… there were just too many unnecessary parts.
Well, just at the beginning we saw how serious the head nure’s taking her job

and even Lavi can’t refuse her –> he wasn’t able to impress Lenalee…^^

Hmm, after nearly half of the HQ was annihilated, Leverrier’s last resort is, of course, Lenalee, and after some nice talk, she volunteered to let Hevlaska put the Innocence in her body…

In the meantime Kanda, who came to save Komui, and Komui himself tried to get to Hevlaska’s place, ‘cuz the evacuation order was issued and they tried to get the Innocence from Hevlasca’s place, got badly injured by the LV4. (:O:O nice sentence^^)

(Well, badly…for Kanda this kind of injury is NOOOOOOTHING^^)
Right before the Innocence would be put into Lenalee’s body,

the game’s over and Hevlaska received a hard hit–> Innocnece away–>

Well, unfortunately this ep. as well as the next one can be shortened to one… (at least that’s my opinion) and this one wasn’t (unfortunately) that good:'(…(Now my usual last sentence^^), let’s hope for more in the next ep.^^…


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