Strike Witches 12 [END]

September 19, 2008

:O:O Like I said, the end was kinda nice, really, not rushed, just nice!
First of all Miyafuji was dealing with the Warlock, well, she had it pretty rough in the beginning (you know, she learned that there was another side to the Neoroi), but after she discovered, that the Warlock REALLY was the enemie, she started to fight seriously.
Well, she alone against this machine, no way (even though she did quite well) –> the ship with Sakamoto/Perinne onboard was attacked

(Hmm, I don’t think that your position would change anything at the dead of yourself AND Sakamoto^^)
and then…

(:O:O, yeah, just lemme go, but you know who you’re talking to…^^)
and after the next attack a “last-hug”, so it seems

but well, they were saved by Shirley and Luccini.
After that all the Strike Witches were united once again, even Sakamoto^^,

and after the Warlock evolved even more…

they decide on a battle strategy.
Miyafuji, Lynne as well as Perinne were going to destroy the core!
And there the really brute-force started, first of all the door to the inside of the ship…

then Perinne’s violent magic to break into the engine-room
After that (well, everybody lost her weapon), we saw Mijafuji’s “HISATSU Striker Spear” (wtf! how is that possible, well if I ask this, how is this anime possible!!!!!!!!!^^) and even the Neoroi-lair got destroyed–> the obvious outcome: The Stike Witches are disbanded and everybody returns to their peaceful lives^^.
:'(:'( they didn’t stay together, well, I’m sure they’ll remember each other^^, and in the end

there’s even a good base for a season 2^^.
Well, I kinda liked the entire show, even though it was somehow ecchi, the fights were really nice (action/music, really good combination…) and the story was nice too. I can really recommend it to… well anybody. Even though I’m sure not anybody’ll like it THAT much, but I’m sure you’ll at least enjoy it…


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