Code Geass R2 24

September 22, 2008

:O:O thought that was the last ep. but fortunately I was wrong and we’ll get to see another amazing ep. of this amazing show^^… Well, I think the word amazing isn’t enough to describe this ep… really suubarashi^^.
First of all we saw the massacre of Lulu&Schneizel, well, the massacre was more on Lulu’s side ‘cuz he was sending his troops into the range of FLEIA in order to make Schneizel use up all of his warheads^^.

(Well, you only have to press a BUTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!, of course it’s easy^^)
After everything seemed over for Lulu (‘cuz the Avalon was invaded by Xinge and some man) he abandoned the ship and used his special plan (make FLEIA useless) on order to get near the Damocles…

(no problem for genius/master hacker/dictator of the world Lulu^^)
and of course it succeeded, which resulted in the invasion of the Damocles.

(that was to be expected of Lulu, nice plan^^)
In the meantime C.C was fighting against Kallen, well, we all know who’ll win this fight, so it’s meaningless to tell you, that C.C lost REEEEEEEEALLY bad^^.

Well, in the meantime Lulu lost even his amazing-master-defense Nightmare Shinkirou in a “fight” with Gino, whoose Knightmare was modified pretty much, and Suzaku engaged him in battle.
Then Schneizel used his last plan, to destroy the Damocles as well as Lulu with a FLEIA warhead, but Lulu is toooooooo sharp, and with some well known moves he got to use his Geass on Schneizel

(Obey me!!!!!)
In the trouble even Diethard got shot and Lulu was making his way to Nunally, who possessed the only way to stop FLEIA.

she broke the Geass of the previous Emperor with her OWN WILLLLLLLL^^ and there it ended.
Well, in the meantime Suzaku managed to take down Gino, BUUUUUUT Kallen’s there too and Gino was more or less a bait^^.

(:O:O What’s going to happen to Suzaku, we’ll next ep.^^)
And like I said/knew, Cornelia is still alive!! I knew it!!^^

Hmm, I think I wrote down all the important events of this ep. (well, this ep. itself was an entirely important event^^^) and like I said I’m REEEAAAAAAAALLY looking forward to the next (and I think this time LAST! ep.^^), even though I would like this show to continue a bit more, still, I think whatever the end, it can only be amazing^^, but personally I can’t imagine anything^^…


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