Macross Frontier 24

September 22, 2008

:O:O once again I though that this ep. would be the last one, and once again I was wrong, still, LUCKY!!^^.
This ep. was awfully nice once again and there was even some amazing progress (well, there’s always progress, but this time it was AMAZING^^)

(Ozma, there’s still hope for you, maybe more than that^^)
Right before (well, rather during the time) of sortie against the Vajira, Alto was visiting Sheryl (well, this time she was going to be the Galaxy’s singing voice of hope^^) and though she heard the things at the end of the last ep., she still did this

(AHH, wanna kill him with your nose, is that even a kiss, that’s violent^^)
and she didn’t want to hear Alto’s words (well, I think he was going to say something about Ranka), after all the emotions of hers are an important part of the song^^…
The battle over the Vajira’s home-planet was even broadcasted over the TV and Alto’s father/brother watched it and his old-man said the same thing as Klan the ep. before^^,

now it’s pretty obvious^^.
Well, at first Sheryl’s singing voice is able to calm down the Vajira,

(are you happy or ~CRAAAAAAZY^^)
but after Ranka started to sing (well, she was more or less manipulated by Grace),

(King size Ranka^^)
Sheryl’s voice couldn’t do anything^^.

Even Brera engaged in battle against Alto, as he tried to stop Ranka, and in the end Alto got shot down

and Klan who tried to help him didn’t get away too well too^^.

‘Cuz the fight was broadcasted in TV, Sheryl saw that, and then…it was over with some tears of hers^^…A really nice base for the next (maybe even the next TWOOO ep.) and I’m really looking forward to it, what’s going to happen!!^^xD…


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