Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 11

September 25, 2008

:O:O:O:O:O:O even though the ep. was quite normal (that means it was really good, I mean normal in comparison to the recent ones^^), on top of that there was even built an amazing base for the next and final ep.!!!!!!!!!!
This time it was an ep. about Haruka’s birthday^^.
First of all Yuuto bought here a clumsy girl Aki-chan (I believe it was aki-chan…not really sure, you all know who I mean^^ xD) figure and after that he got “forcefully” transferred to the location of Haruka’s birthday party (by car and then a plan near supersonic-speed xDxD)…a private Island only for her birthday, bought by Haruka’s father
Before the actualy party’s going to start, Yuuto and the others were enjoying themselves at the beach…

(Yeah,Yeah, wait a moment^^…)

(and there we have it xDxD)
Well, during they played, Haruka nearly drowned

and was saved by… (well, everyone jumped into the water, but Yuuto started first and was near her) Yuuto (–>obvious conclusion^^).
After that :O:O she stopped breathing (or something like that^^xD)

Yuuto’s chivalric spirit awakened and (of course) he tried to save her…

In the end she opened her eyes before the “kiss” happened and the two of them were really embarassed^^.
After that they went back into the house/villa to get changed for the party and then Yuuto got stopped by some rich (little emo, bastard like, ….) guys

who tried to persuade him, that he’s not suited for this kind of party…
And after they showed him a present for Haruka (of course a very expensive one, directly from you daddy^^) Yuuto really got intimidated (with his little figure as present, but you should know that that kind of thing isn’t important^^)

Well, that’s it and we can really look forward to the next ep. (at least that’s my opinion), will Yuuto attend the party (personally I thing NOOOOOOOO, and Haruka will come for him, in the middle of the night, and then, finally, the first kiss, well, that’s it with my imagination^^) and will they be together (of course, this kind of anime only allows a happy end xD), wel’ll see next week…


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