Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo 12 [END]

September 25, 2008

:O:O the last ep., but well, after 11 more or less senseless ep. I don’t excepted too much and, I was right… a shitty end like the seasons before, the only change, the actual show was quite crappy too^^.
WTF!!!, can’t use your magic anymore, well, let’s accept it (even if we don’t there’s nothing we could do about it…).
As a result Louise was unsure about Saito, now that she didn’t hold the power of a Void-user anymore, and after Tabitha said something like that:

everything’s over and Louise really thought, that Saito was only because of the Void-users/Gandalfr connection with her…

(Fortunately we all know it better…^^)
After that, right before the border of Tristan, the group got attacked by this huge golem we saw some ep. ago…
Now that Louise couldn’t use her magic anymore, she wasn’t able to do anything against THAT…

and only Saito’s attack was able to save her, well, the “power of love” or something like that^^.

Now there’s still the problem of the huge golem^^, but Colbert-sensei and the others arived and brought a cannon from the “future” (well, our present xD) which should be able to defeat the golem… But unfortunately the amo isn’t able to pass his shield–>Void-magic is needed^^, but atm the only one who was able to do so^^, couldn’t use her magic^^–> in order to “force” her to use magic

(:O:O WTF, go to hell^^)
but well, the goal was accomplished and Louise was able to use magic (you know, the shock of loosing Saito to someone else etc.^^)

and then the amo worked against our “monster-golem”.

(Time to say goodbye xDxD)
After that the group returned to Tristain, Saito got his Chevalier-cape back and on top of that Lousie got a royal-cape

(:O:O, and why, Saito was the one who did most of the work xDxD).
Even Tabitha’s mother awaked and remembered her daughter,

anything would seem fine…nice end… but that wasn’t it.
In the end it seemed that even Tabitha got a crush on Saito which resulted in the typical anger of Louise and it’s over with the nice end xDxD, like the other 2 seasons:'(… After the shitty season I expected at least a “good” end, but we weren’t even blessed with that:'(, nothing we can do about it, but like I said, the worst ZNT season ever…
Hope there’ll be a fourth season (a MUUUUUUUUUCH better one, but that shouldn’t be too hard xDxD) with an appropriate end…


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