Monochrome Factor 12

September 26, 2008

Again, after ages of waiting another ep., but this one was kinda nice…
In the beginning we see Nanaya who was enjoying to torture Shirogane, wtf, he should have killed him right away xDxD…

(Do you realise the situation you’re in^^)
Well, after some emo-minutes, Akira got reall pissed at Shirogane, and through some “Black magic” (to be accurate something with reading the stars etc.^^) they found his location…

(WTF, aren’t your powers supposed to come out AFTER you released the Doppler^^)
Well, the three of them are fighting fierce and in the end they got to see Shirogane…
Akira directly engaged into fighting with Nanaya, but well, not much changed since their last encounter…^^

BUUUUT after some “fighint between friends”

(Akira puuuuunch….^^)
and after Nanaya showed his “true” weapons

Akira finally got the resolve, needed for his Shin-powers to awaken…

and then Nanaya was a pice of cake^^.
After that we learned, that Akira is a beeing of Rei (not Shin), means that he’s a beeing of light (a royal one^^ like Shirogane) –> the exact opposite to Shirogane^^,…. let’s see what will happen in the next ep. (cuz I already forgot the preview, well I’ve watched it yesterday xDxD), but like I said at the beginning, this ep. was really enjoyable…


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