Naruto Shippuuden 76-77

September 26, 2008

:O:O Double ep., is there more to say^^. Though I liked it, I missed something. Most of the time they were only discussing HOW to ambush Akatsuki and the actual fight only took about 7 minutes of the ep…
Right at the beginning, Sai got the guts to say something to Sakura…

(:'(, a true man^^)
but after she tasted them, her reaction showed everything^^.

Then Kakashi’s giving Naruto some encouraging words

(well, after the explantation and the fact, that nobody was able to do it up until now^^, something like that was needed xDxD)
Well, after that the squads which were sent out to capture Akatsuki only discussed how to ambush Akatsuki at every checkpoint (like I said in the beginning) and I don’t want to bore you with this facts…
Well, in the end Azuma’s squad found Akatsuki and they engaged in battle (well, they are WAY to strong for Azuma & co.)…

Well, that’s it pretty much, in the end Azuma “burned” (more or less blowed up) his enemy, but in the preview we saw that he was still alive and performed some strange ceremony to finish Azuma off. And here’s the next BIIIIIG fact!!!! The next ep. (Oct. 2nd) will be a double ep. too :O:O:O:O!!!!!, Really looking forward to it, cuz the title says that it’s the end for Azuma, Ku…ku…ku…


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