World Destruction 12

September 26, 2008

Well, in short this ep. was really informative/interesting, but it was missing some action, still…I would rate it like a normal WD ep.^^

(at the beginning there’s once more the question about how to wake Toppi up^^, but with Morte’s “brute-force” method the goal was accomplished^^)

Then the group entered the cave, which turned out to be the “cave of memories”, where anyone sees an illusion about his/her past^^ and we learn quite something about every character (well, more or less about Morte and some little things about Kirie^^).

(:O:O, her entire family^^)
and herself in young years

I don’t want to explain everything in detail, cuz I think you all’ll be really bored it I do^^, so just watch it for yourself. But there’s one thing I’m going to explain… in Kiries memories we saw something about the dead of a person, who locked exactly like Kirie and if you ask me (of course not only based on this fact^^, there were maaany other things which point in that direction), Kirie has something to do with the Destruct Code, well, I think he IS the Destruct Code xDxD.
Anyway, next time will be the last ep. and by then we all will know it, and do you know why it will be the last ep…., cuz everyone keeps questioning the meaning of this show xDxD

just joking^^…and I’m really looking forwards to the next ep., seems like it will be really nice^^…


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