D. Gray-man 102

September 27, 2008

First of all… I’m shocked!!!!, the next ep. is going to be the last one:O:O, the end is REALLY rushed!!!!!!!!
Well. let’s not complay about things we can’t change…^^
This ep. was quite nice, Lenalee wasn’t overpowered like I thought (yay) and in short, it was just really enjoyable wo watch…
First of all, Lenalee was in danger (like we saw last ep.) but then Allen came to save her…

(WTF, you shouldn’t be able to move anymore…, but we’ll learn more about that…)
But unfortunately nothing changed since their last encounter and Allen was taking a beat once again^^.

And then some frightening line by Komui…

(:O:O he was controlled by his Innocence)
Well… in the meantime Lenalee synchronized with her Innocence (I don’t want to explain it in detail cuz it’ll be boring for you…) and short before Allen would be done for, she came to save him…

and what followed was a special combo between Lenalle and Allen (who surprisingly “regained his conscience”, wtf he should already be dead^^) and in the end the two of them together, managed to take down the LV4^^,

at least they think so, cuz in the preview we saw, that he’s still alive… Well, I think I already said everything you can say about the end (right at the top of my post…) and well, though I don’t think it can be a good end, I’m still looking forward to the last ep….


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