To Love-Ru 26 [END]

September 27, 2008

Hmm, the end… what to say about, though there were some good ep., in short this was just a comedy-ecchi show, unfortunately…
Well, in the beginning there were maany ecchi scenes (this clothes-destroying slime and the gas which made Rito dreaming some strange things with Lala and Haruna^^), and I think every reader that is an ecchi-fan will be disappointed, but usually I don’t really liked ecchi-shows (well, why did I watch it…, the characters were just :O:O and I hoped for a nice end…).
I will start after Rito made it to the spaceship… (as to be expected). First there was a “happy reunion” with Lala, and right after he was more or less draged into a wedding ceremony with her, but fortunately she seemed to realize Rito’s true feelings and…

(:O:O, but that would mean, I know… crazy rules…, that the earth has to be destroyed…, but Lala even has an idea for this…)

(:'(, that would be sad…)
and after some sad words she really activeted it…
But the next day:

everybody can remember her :O:O… and the obvious reason would be…

yeah, we should have expected that.
Now to the show in general… for any ecchi-comedy fan this anime is a must have!!!, but if you don’t like this genre too much I can’t recommend it to you, though the genre is rommance too… (not really if you ask me…).


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