Code Geass R2 25 [END]

October 1, 2008

Sry,sry, recently I’ve been kinda lazy and not in the mood for the blog^^, but now I’ll write everything important I missed^^ let’s start with the AMMMMMMAAAZINGGG last ep. of Code Geass R2!!!!! Like you can guess… I really loved the end, the drama the music :O:O I was really at my limit^^ and then in the end… LELOUCH IS ALIIIIIIVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!^^
Well… don’t let you bother by my fanboy stuff^^ let’s start with the actual ep.^^ (:O:O just saw that I’ve 15 screenshots from this ep.^^ should I use everyone of them^^… yeah I will so this will be the only post 4 today^^)…

(:O:O not a bit grateful^^)
Let’s start right at the discussion between Nunally and Lelouch… At first our Lulu didn’t want to use his Geass on Nunally in order to get the key to the Damocles… but after some crazy stuff she said (monopolize all the hatred on the damocles etc. you know… the crazy stuff Schneizel kept saying before he got BEATEN by Lulu^^) he was left with no other CHOICE!!!!!

(Yeah…serves you right, I liked you before you got CRAAAAY, go to hell^^)
Well… in the meantime Kallen and Suzaku engaged in a fierce battle (we all knew that this would be the last one^^)

and cuz Suzaku has his Geass and Kallen her superior specs the are even :O:O:O (but we all know Kallen is MUCH BETTER, right^^…)

and in the end this amazing battle ended in a draw and the believed dead of Szuaku (you don’t really think a little explosion like the one of Lancelot would kill him^^).

During that Jeremiha fought against the Knight of 6, in other words Marianne^^, and though his Knightframe got destroyed he didn’t stopped the fighting

(yay that’s the spirit!! keep it up)
and in the end Mariann got beaten.

Well… let’s not bother with these little fries and back to our Lulu, now that he got the key to damocles nothing can stop him or his world domination anymore!!!!!!^^

(Today Lulu did some strange things with his hands^^)
After that the story continued 2 months later and we see Lulu who was on the way to the execution of the remaining members of the Black Knights (:'( even Kallen and Nunally!!!)

(yeah,yeah though I don’t like her anymore, in this situation anybody would feel sry^^)
An then… MONSTER SURPRISE, Zero is appearing!!!!!!!!!! and attempting to kill our LULU!!!!

Surprsingly he himself seemed calm and then we learn the TRUE meaning of the Zero Requiem… focusing all the hatred on himself and then BAMMMMMM killed by the “hero” Zero (you think not much difference between Lulu’s and Schneizel’s plan… FALLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE go to hell^^ our Lulu is much more intelligent, in his version the symbol of hate is dying^^ in Schneizel’s version it’s dominating the world^^…).
AAAAAAAN our Zero is the dead-believed …….. SUZAKUUUUUU!!!!!!!

AA…AA…AAAND then, he stabbed Lulu (:'(:'() his body fell down to Nunally where he slowly died (:O:O and this music, I really was near my limit^^) and then Nunally told Lulu her TRUE feelings

and there were much tears and I can explain the situation very detailed, but I believe you all know what I mean :'(:'( aaa…aaaa…aaaand then the light in his eyes…slowly faded and then went out.
BUUUUUUUUUT that wasn’t the end, we see that everybody returns to a “normal” live and in the end wee see a masked man who’s riding a carriage and on the carriage there was C.C^^, you know with the Legendary last words…
“Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… hehe…or maybe its not quite like that… eh, Lelouch?”

and we all know that our Lulu is the masked man and he acchieced the code of immortality–> happy end for Lulu and C.C. I really didn’t expect this, but I really loved it!!!
So in short I can recommend this show to ANYYYYYYONEEEEEEEEE, you’ll love it!!!! Just one amazing masterpiece which the most amazing story (and turns) I’ve seen until now!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!


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  1. no said

    marianne isnt in anyas body anymore, she was dissolved at the same time that the emperor was.

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