Macross Frontier 25 [END]

October 4, 2008

Sry,sry I’m just lazy as always and currently I’m totally NOT in the mood to write something… well, I though today I should write something since my last post was quite some time ago^^, and I decided for Macross F, the last ep., which I really enjoyed as well!!!!
Well… first of all, Alto is alive, but I think we all figured at least this out^^.
The next piece of information is, that our “Monster-Ranka” wasn’t the realy Ranka, but Macross-Galaxie…

After Alto’s safety was confirmed, he engaged in battle again (of course with a new unit), and even Macross Quarter helped the fleet in this “last-fight”. For the time beeing Sheryl’s song was able to control the Vajira… but after Ranka started her song… the Vajira began to transform. On top of that the “real” queen got captured/controlled by Grace and an even stronger beeing emerged…

Well… in the meantime Sheryl collapsed…

(wtf… gray hair^^)
but don’t worry, she’ll be alright in the end…
In the meantime Alto saved Ranka

and *SHOOOOOOOOOCK*, the Vajira protected the fleet (the queen attacked and the Vajira blocked the attack) and we learn about the Vajira’s true objective… but see for yourself cuz it’ll take some time to explain it here :P^^.
After that Alto and even Brera (who was “freed” from his mind-control) attacked the queen together and as to be expected, they managed to defeat it…^^
After that the entire fleet occupied the Vajira’s home-planet and Alto finally found his realy sky…

Cuz Sheryl is still alive…

the fight over Alto will continue, but finally a new “earth” is found…^^
First of all I want to say that this show was REALLY awesome. An amazing story, with even more amazing music, and some nice characters. Is there more to say…
In general I recommend this show to anybody, but if you want to watch something easy, this show is the false choice, cuz I think there are some “difficult” parts (well, parts where you have to think:P)
Still… I really enjoyed this show and it good full 10 points in my personal ranking, hmmm, maybe I should update a list with my ranking;)


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