Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 12 [END]

October 4, 2008

And I brought myself to post bout another ep., the last one from Haruka no Himitsu, and although it turned out differently than I though, it was still good, though it disappointed me a bit…, well let’s start^^.
First of all… this AMAZING cake^^

right at the start if the party, and against my expectations, Yuuto showed up at the party^^, and he wasn’t the only one^^

(can’t they even behave during a party^^)
After Yuuto really got it from these rich-lil-bastards, which discovered what he wanted to give to Haruka and made fun of him^^, but then, when Yuuto should give his present to Haruka, they got it back^^, cuz she liked this present more than any other (go to hell, diamonds and expensive clothes^^),

and all the rich daddy-boys were like WOAHHHHHH^^.
After that we learn the TRUE indentidy of the old geezer (who helped Yuuto to regain his courage after he got verbaly-beaten up by these bastards),
he was the former had of the Nogizaka family^^.
In the end even the fact that Haruka was the girl Yuuto gave the Innocente-Smile-magazine to in the past got discovered (not that we didn’t know^^).

In the end Yuuto and Haruka got in a nice situation too and almost kissed, but as to be expected the entire family accidently interrupted and nothing resolved:'( (that was the kinda disappointing part^^).
In general this show was really enjoyable though there were only filler ep. It was a rommantic story, though there wasn’t the usual rommantic-plot, a nice new idea. The characters were really loveable and the flow was pretty good^^. I can recommend this show to anyone… I think it’ll defenitly suit your taste and cuz it’s short, not much time is wasted if you DON’T like it (though that won’t be the case:P).


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