Clannad After Story 1

October 6, 2008

:O:O Did I ever mention that I’m a MONSTER-CLANNAD-FANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv this show!!! and now… SECOND SEASON BANZAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Erm… let’s finish with my crazy-fanboy stuff and continue with the actual story.The topic is… a baseball-match with the neighbouring shopping district, and Akio recruited Tomoya and the others^^.After some trouble in the beginning (well… Tomoyo didn’t want in the first place and things like that) they manages to get an entire team and the match was able to beginn, with Akio as the first pitcher;).
Akio’s balls are as hard as ever, and the victim is… did you expect anything else^^ SUNOHARA^^

though he’s got another opinion than his friends^^

Then once again, after ages of waiting

(KYOU MOE, KYOU MOE, KYOU, MOE, BANZAIIIIII, luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvv, well… maybe you figured out I’m a fan of Kyou^^)
Well… I though Kyou was brute force, but then…

we see TRUE brute force by Tomoyo (my #2 choice^^), she was just extreme, even a ball to Tomoya nearly wiped him out^^, well that’s to be expected of her.
Kotomi had her own technique, but well, succeed is succeed^^

In the end I want to honorably mention Yoshino Yusuuke^^, who didn’t want to play in the first place, but after a sad story that Sunohara is his greates fan and has to leave the city soon –> wants to create some memories, he immeadetly accepted (after all he don’t want to ruin a child dream), but later during the game I thought something like “Don’t take that much drugs^^”

and then an AMAZING question like this^^ (he wanted Sunohara to have some HAPPY memories^^)…

This ep. was just :O:O AMAZING, a really nice first ep. for the second season and I LUVVVV it!!!!! (well… that was to be expected^^). It’s said that this season is supposed to be very sad… so I’m really curious… (as long there’s a happy end I don’t mind ANY amount of drama^^, on the contrary, happy end–> as much drama as possible^^), well, I think I don’t have to say that I REALLY look forward to the next ep.!! BANZAIIII FANNNNNNSCREEEAMMM!!!


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