World Destruction 13 [END]

October 6, 2008

Do I have to repeat the reason I didn’t post anything the past few days^^, I don’t think so… well, cuz I’,m now in the right mood I’ll try ti finish the last missing posts… starting with World Destruction 13, the last ep. I really enjoyed it, and the end was kinda nice too, but enough of that… let’s start:P^^.
First of all a fierce fight is breaking out (like we could see in the last ep., and even Dr. Alligator (you don’t know how stupid I’m feeling myself right now^^, Dr. Alligator like from some kiddy show^^), who discovered the truth of the Destruction Code was involved.
After Morte recovered the “Destruction Code”, they ran away, but then they got attacked by a rocket launcher and Kirie “sacrificed himeslf in order to save Morte and Toppi”

The two of them got captured by the WSC, Kirie fell unconscious and had a dream of his past, where he saw that HE is the Destruct Code and his “true” self awakened…

After that he rushed to save Morte and the Toppi (the two of them were “questioned” about HOW to use the “false” destruct code) and we see the Destruct Code’s TRUE power…

(:O:O aren’t you a bit toooooo strong)
Then we learn that the Destruction Code was already activated (by Morte^^) –> the world is on the verge of beeing DESTROYED^^

but then Morte realised that she doesn’t really want to destroy the world and…

(AHH, what a shame we didn’t see more^^)
What resulted was a happy-end for everybody and of course Kirie&Morte

and the world was saved. After that the 3 of them continued their travel…
Personally I really enjoyed this show, though there were only fillers (like Haruka no Himitsu) and there was always some comedy as well as nice fights. Well… I’m sure not anybody would like this show, so I’ll have to say just check it out, your judgement from the 1st. ep will be true^^.


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