D. Gray-Man 103 [END]

October 9, 2008

Sry that there wasn’t a post these past few days… but you know the reason^^.
Well… I suppose all of you know about the tons of new On-Goings, and maybe some of you are wondering, why there aren’t any posts about them… it’s just… you see how lazy I’m now^^ so there’s no way there’ll be a post to every On-Going at the right time^^, so I’ll just write bout the ones which I like the most, but if there are any request for a special show, just write a comment and I’ll post bout this show^^, but now let’s start with D- Gray-man 103, the last ep.

Last ep. Allen and Lenalee defeated the LV4, well, they thought they did^^, but as you can see he is still alive… so the fight continues.

So the fight continues, though there is a high possibility, that they’ll lose against him…

And right at the moment we thought it’s over, General Cross made his arrival and then :’(:’( he defeated the LV4, once and for all (whyyy was it him and not Allen, go to hell^^)

After then…the fight is over…

Allen is pretty much done for, though he’ll survive and well… everybody important is still alive, even Krory woke up

and Bookman is alive too

(more than we wish^^)
Well, one person will die… and that’s… we all know it… Tapp (not that I liked him, he was just an unnecessary side char, go to hell once again^^)

And then…:’( and then…:’( and then…:’( Lenalee…finally got a decent hairstyle again, BANAZIIIIII (maybe even better than her long hair^^)

And everyone got a new uniform… AAAAAAAAAND, the fight against the Earl continues (he was producing a new egg again and there are still many Noah left…)
Now to the show in general…, I really liked it, though it was a classic Shounen and even very long, but it wasn’t really boring. If you really don’t like the Shounen genre, this show won’t suit your taste, but otherwise I think everyone will like it, just a nice, easy show you can watch from time to time.


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