Taihen desu

November 1, 2008

TAIHEN desu, how long has it been since my last post…can’t remember, 2 maybe even 3 weeks. Sry, you know… school and things like that, I haven’t had much time, but I think now I’ll start posting again (Clannad, ef and soooo many other shows which are IMPORTANT!!!!;P)
Cuz I don’t have screenshots yet, I’ll just post 2 of my drawings (4Seilo003,sry netlog is just…^^)

First one of my recent drawings, btw it isn’t finished yet, maybe you know who it is^^…

Then one of my finished pieces, Tomoyo, but I tried to accomplish a kinda “younger” her. Think I did quite well;) (and I know the shadows are just CRAPPY^^)
Well that’s it for my “starting” post, hope there will follow some more^^
Ja ~ne


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