Lulu vs. Yagami

November 13, 2008

Well, you know, I REALLY WANT TO POST, but due to school and things like that I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME (watch hardly anime:O:O),well… now I found the time to write sth, and cuz I discussed sth with my friends at school (sth interesting^^) I would like to post it here^^, the topic: LULU vs. YAGAMIIIII^^…

I believe you all know our anti-heroes, Lelouch (Code Geass) and Yagami Light (Death Note).. well, I don’t believe there’s ANYBODY out there who don’t know their names^^…

Let’s start with Lelouch, on his side, GEASSSS, the power to make people obey him… well… he has to look in their eyes… (lil disadvantage…). Then he got ENORMOUS inteligence, like Yagami, and his HYPER TYPING SKILLS (you know crossing hands and then GOO, less then 19 sec to stop FLEIA xD), yeah… that are his most important skills…

On the other side, there’s Yagami Light, AMAZING intelligence and knowledge as well, and on top of that… his weapon… the DEATH NOTE…the power to kill people the way he want to (but he has to know the name/face of the people he wants to kill and has to write the name in the death note…), yeah… except that there is just his AMAZING writing (which I like to do sometimes xDxD, the swinging with his arm, yeah^^) and some skills with lil TV’s^^ (u know what I mean ,don’t you :P).

Yeah, now I named the most important skills of them… and I guess u wanna know the winner… hope you’re ready for my decision… it’s LELOCUH (obvious^^), yeah… and I guess now u wanna know why^^… Yagami has to know the FACE of the people he wants to kill, well… and you KNOW THAT LULU IS ZERO, AND ZERO GOT A MASKKK HAHAHAHAHAHA (OWNED, sry yagami^^). Then you may say… AND LELOUCH HAS TO LOOK IN YAGAMI’S EYES, well that’s true, indeed, still… LULU would be able to find yagami, and he can’t do anything against our KIIIING, and the result will be, GEAAAAAASSSSS^^, well…. that’s at least my opinion^^ if u got another opinion…just tell me, but u should know, LELOUCH IS THE BEST^^

Hope I’ll have some more time in the future, AND THEN… I’ll post bout the best shows of this fall… ef~a tale of melodies, Clannad After Story, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Toradora, Gundam00 and many others


3 Responses to “Lulu vs. Yagami”

  1. noneofyourbuisness said

    i agree, i have seen both shows, and believe the conflict would play out as such:

    phase 1: lelouch (as zero) make a public announcement that he plans to oppose kira for preying on people who cannot defend themslves, therby gaining the suppourt of the people (and governments) that hate/fear kira.

    phase 2: light (having heard the announcement) begins planning to kill zero (out of arrogance and pride), and decides to use his position in the kira task force to join the black knights and get close to him.

    phase 3: lelouch uses the black knights to perform a background check on the task force members, and discovers that light is (or was) under suspicion of being kira.

    phase 4: light learns that the only member of the black knights who knows zeros identity is C.C. (even when kallen knew who he was, nobody knew that she knew, so light wouldnt target her.) light tries to use his death note to make C.C. tell him, but because she is immortal no scenario he writes down can happen, making control impossible.

    phase 5: lelouch sets up audio recording equipment and (as zero) asks to speak to light in private. light agrees, thinking he can probe for information regarding his identity (“how can i trust you if i dont even know who you are?”)

    phase 6: lelouch uses his geass to make light answer his questions, and asks the following:

    1:”are you kira?” (yes)
    2:”how do you kill?” (light tells him about the notebook)
    3:”where is the notebook now?” (light reveals the location)
    4:”why did you do it?” (light spouts a string of insanity and refers to it as justice)

    phase 7: zero (lelouch) plays the recording for the other task force members, using the answer to the fourth question to establish a motive and make the recording more credible.

    phase 8: light reflects on how he was utterly defeated up until ryuk finishes him off. lelouch uses geass on the task force to claim the notebook for himself, and destroys the brittanian royal family in a little under two minutes.

    • himes said

      Hohoho, I like your scenario…pretty nice ideas and after reading it…I have to admit that u’re absolutely right, I’m amazed:O

  2. no said

    i have made two attempts to respond to this in great detail, but my computer keeps dying before i can submit it, please follow this up so i can navigate back here later and finish it

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