November 19, 2008

Sry, my dear readers (if there are any^^), too much to do for school (still) BUT I found some time to write a post, and I’ll start with one of my fav shows, the second season from Clannad (I already posted bout the first ep.^^).
Then… let’s continue where I stopped… ep. 2, Sunohara NEEDED a girlfriend^^ (because of Mei, she was like… u should be more responsible and things like that^^…), and so he went to lookg for one (ofc with Tomoya and Nagisa^^), and after he was raped my tomoyo and KYOUUUU (banzaiiii), his new girlfriend (only pretending ofc!) was… sanae (u know…sunohara still believed, she was nagisa’s sister^^).

Well… now is the next ep.^^, sunohara was still going out with sanae^^, but mei was… sad, yeah!!!

And then she told sunohara crap like she was going out with an older boy (and he shows her MUUUCH things, u know what I mean).
What happened next, was… DESTINY^^, Tomoyo was “going out” (just shopping) with mei

and then they met up with sunohara, and somehow, it turned out that Tomoyo and Mei are a couple, and sunohara believed it^^

Next day (ep.) much trouble, mei just wanted to help sunohara and tried to get him back into the soccer team, but it turned out to be VEEERY hard, and though the 3 of them (u know, I mean Mei, Tomoya and Nagisa) worked RLY hard, in the end they were just making fun of them and even made mei cry (grabbed her at her hand) AND THEN (Tomoya just wanted to beat the crap out of them^^) our hero sunohara rushed in and BAMMMMM

(silblings love banzaiii^^)
a rly hard fight between Sunohara/Tomoya vs. the soccer team^^ (who won… I don’t rly know^^, just that both sides KICKED THEIR ASSES and then sunohara and tomoyo were lying on the ground, in the rain^^)

(u know, sunohara trusted tomoya THAT much, that he entrusted mei to him…)
BUT, the next day… EVERYTHING was alright, everyone was habbü one again^^

The next ep…. 2 ep. side rommance, but if u ask me, RLY good!!!!
The story was bout Misae and Shima (a new character…). Shima was a boy, who wanted to make Misae’s wish come true…
Well… he was somehow a stalker…always waiting at the school exit

(and Misae was in love with another boy…), and in the end he fell in luv with her!!
Then… the boy Misae was in luv with (Igarashi…) told Shima, that he knew bout Misae’s feelings and that he should tell her, he already has a girlfriend.
Somehow this, and the fact that Shima was in luv with Misae were exposed before he could tell anything…
Then… in the next ep. (after some comforting and apologizing… they went on a date, and Misae fell in luv with Shima too…) but THEN, on a festival, Shima was remembered, that he came to grant one wish… and after Misae told her wish (to be with her forever,luv her forever ~*sigh* in a positiv way^^), he… DISAPPEARED:O:O:O
Yeah…you may know bout the cat who was always at Misae’s side…THAT was…SHIMMMMAAAAAA!!!!!, a cat who came to grant a wish!!! (u know… Tomoya was sleeping while Misae told the story and he had a dream bout this events AND told Misae bout EVERYTHING…)

(habbbbüüü reunion^^)
And that way the (imo) best ep. ended^^
What happened was unfortunately a filler (imo, BUT a RLY good filler)…
This ep. was bout Yukine and her…friends (well the gang of her brother and their rivaling gang…).
Yukine’s brother…Kazuto, who is more or less a legend, unbeaten and nobody has every seen his face. During some events, Sunohara pretended to be Kazuto, and after they went to the “hideout”
(well… flat would be more accurate) Kazuto was the leader from

Sunohara first noticed, that he would be exposed xDxDxD
Well… not much to say… he WAS exposed, but fortunately (Yukine’s friends, and she’s more or less a goddess to them^^), they forgave him^^.
It turned out that every member of the gang had some kind of family problems, and after that Sunohara, Tomoya and Nagisa left. On the street some members of the RIVALLLIIING GANG, attacked them, cuz the still thought Sunohara was Kazuto^^, and well… the 3 of them ran away…
What happened after… was a short encounter/rescue by Tomoyo

(*sigh* I heared the sound and saw the light—>OBVIOUSLY tomoyo^^)
Well… that was the end^^ finished with my long missing report^^.
AHH, almost forgot, from the last ep. there are 2 amazing sunohara sensei shots^^

just NEEDED to post them^^.
In general I RLY like the new Clanand season, maybe even MOAR then the first one (well… ep 7 was a filler, too bad, still^^, double ep. side rommance banzaiiii), so I can just recommend this show to ANYONE (rommance, comedy, action, ANYTHING U NEEEEED^^), watch it!!!!!!, till next time
(:O:O long post in high speed, wonder how many mistakes I made^^)

Ja ~ ne


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