September 2, 2009

Hey guys…if there’s still anybody out there who’s willing to read my blog xD^^. Today….I just thought…”HOLY SHIT!, I’ve got a blog…but I’m way no lazy to blog sth….what a waste”….and as I continued to think bout it….I decided that I should start to blog again…this time for real^^, maybe not bout EVERY on-going I watch (that would be way too hard…35 to 37 on-goings…I would srsly DIE!!!), but well…just sth like a daily report would be nice…wouldn’t it?!^^

Okaaay, a new time for my blog (after an almost eternal break xD)..that means I’ll probably come up with a new design as well…but not today…well…maybe today…who knows. Anyway, I hope u’ll like my blog v 2.0^^, and pls give me alot of feedback;).

(yeah, from now on I’m gonna sign my posts^^)

The crazy person behind your door;)


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