Otaku cube 2.0 [3rd try]

September 3, 2009

Okay guys…holy shit!!!, today…is a BAD day…first of all, I delete my finished post….yeah…pls don’t ask me how I managed to do that (okay…if u want to know then ask me:P^^), and then, during the time I REWROTE my post….I got a bluescreen…happy life:D:D:D, okaay, I wanted to give up…but I can’t…I’ll write this post today….at all costs >.<^^, so let’s start:P^^

As some of u may know, I created the otaku cube quite some time ago…furthermore,last weekend there’s been an anime-related convention in vienna (probably the only decent one xD^^), and OFC I bought a lot (yeah…I’m a debt-ridden man…okay..it wasn’t that bad…bout 280 euros is quite alot..at least imao^^), and the result is, that I modified my otaku cube…now it’s faster, it’s bigger (not rly xD)…to make it short…it’s better!!!:D:D:D:D, and now I want to show it to u;)

Let’s start with my new ceiling, to be honest there’re no big changes, I just added some code geass pics at the top and 2 shana pics at the bottom;)

Okay, the next pic isn’t sth amazing as well, but at least it’s new, the first REAL change compared to version 1.0;), see for yourself^^

As some of u may realize (or not xD^^), these pics used to be part of my holy clannad wall of fame (yeah, some of these pics changed their location to my ceiling as well, I forgot to mention that earlier), so now the question…what happened to the clannad wall??:O:O, see for yourself:

Muhaha, I got 2 wallscrolls (FMA and TTGL) and that’s why some clannad pics had to change their location^^. IMO the ttgl is the best one:D, I like the FMA wallscroll as well, but the colors of the TTGL r just too amazing:D:D *pure love*

Here’s a better pic of the wallscroll, and as some of u may realize, there r 2 PVC figures as well as an ichigo hollow mask as well (yeah…I put that mask on my face for 2 entire days…and it’s rly hard to breath with this mask on xD). Now u can guess where these 2 figures r from, but I’ll tell u;), both of them r from fate stay night;), to be exact saber and tohsaka rin:D:D, maybe u know them:D.

Here u can see the FMA wallscroll as well as a shana figure (okay…maybe u can’t see her very well…but still, she’s there:P^^)^^

Ahh, an epic figure…the first one I ever bought:D and it’s another one from saber, yeah…u may realize now that I like her:D^^, and the thing under her feet is my subwoofer…if I want to..I can make her dance xD^^

Okaaay, the next and last pic would be the (probably) biggest change, see for yourself;)

Yeah..I got many posters…but no space left…xD^^

Well…that’s it with my otaku cube version 2.0, I would be very happy bout some feedback from u;), and that’s the end of my post for today;), I hope u liked it:D

The crazy otaku in who’s looking at your pantsu from your screen;)


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