Hmm… Otaku since christmas 2007.

My first anime (real anime, not some stuff at rtl2 like DBz etc.) was bleach which I got from a friend of mine. Right after I watched Naruto from whom I watched some ep. at rtl2 before. Then my career as otaku began^^… Maybe you’ve already figured out, that Shakugan no Shana is my favorite anime^^, it’s simply amazing. Expect the ending this is the perfect anime, but regard the ending, I’m sure there’ll be a third season…

If you like to know more about my “otaku-side” please watch at for question feel free to add me in msn.

Other than watching anime my hobbies are game programming (only some little games with poor graphic) as well as “normal-programming” like office-programms or something like that. Furthermore I’m playing keyboard for about 7 years and I think I’m not that bad. My Photoshop skills are not that bad, even though I would say that I’m at the ammateur-level which you can see at my signatures. From time to time I make some AMVs (when I started I made about 10 ones in about 3 days, since then I lost my “extreme” urge to make some) and I’m pretty confident in may latest one (D. Last but not least I do some drawing-stuff, anime-realted of course^^, and recently I improved a lot (In my eyes^^…)

Last but not least, please excuse my bad english ‘cuz nearly all the english I know is from the anime I’ve watched (The school-english is as useless as not english^^)…^^


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