Genre: Drama, Horror, Military, Mystery, Supernatural, Adventure

Plot: Otanashi Saya is a normal high-school-girl until the day she gets confronted with beasts named Chiropteran, her mysterious past and the fact, that she’s the only person capable of defeating this monsters. Will Saya be able to regain the memories of her past as well as protect her friend and the entire world from this crisis?

My opinion: This anime’s got some nice fighting scened and an amazing flow with some surprising turns of events. The last fight against Diva was unfortunately pretty lame and in my opinion Saya didn’t improve her skills the whole anime. Neverthless a really nice anime.

Blood+ 1
Blood+ 2
Blood+ 3
Blood+ 4
Blood+ 5
Blood+ 6
Blood+ 7
Blood+ 8
Blood+ 9
Blood+ 10
Blood+ 11
Blood+ 12
Blood+ 13
Blood+ 14
Blood+ 15
Blood+ 16
Blood+ 17
Blood+ 18
Blood+ 19
Blood+ 20
Blood+ 21
Blood+ 22
Blood+ 23
Blood+ 24
Blood+ 25
Blood+ 26
Blood+ 27
Blood+ 28
Blood+ 29
Blood+ 30
Blood+ 31
Blood+ 32
Blood+ 33
Blood+ 34
Blood+ 35
Blood+ 36
Blood+ 37
Blood+ 38
Blood+ 39
Blood+ 40
Blood+ 41
Blood+ 42
Blood+ 43
Blood+ 44
Blood+ 45
Blood+ 46
Blood+ 47
Blood+ 48
Blood+ 49
Blood+ 50

Blood+ Movie

Hmm, to be honest I never watched the movie. When I downloaded it and saw this crappy style, I wasn’t able to watch it^^… But it’s up to everyones opinion, wheter you like the movie or not.


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