Genre: Comedy, Romantic, Slice of Life, Drama

Plot: Okazaki Tomoya is a typical delinquent until he meets Furukawa Nagisa, a lonely girl who plans to reestablish the drama-club. Becaue Tomoya can’t leave her alone he’s helping her, but slowly he begins to open his heart to her and’s making new friends.

My opinion: Clannad is the best Slice of Life anime I’ve watched until now. The core is a romantic story, but the fun-scenes are pretty nice as well. The original story was amazing, but the after story is fascinating as well. I like the idea of creating a unique end for every character. @Every Fan, I can’t recommend the movie, because in my opinion it was worse than crap^^.

Clannad 1
Clannad 2
Clannad 3
Clannad 4
Clannad 5
Clannad 6
Clannad 7
Clannad 8
Clannad 9
Clannad 10
Clannad 11
Clannad 12
Clannad 13
Clannad 14
Clannad 15
Clannad 16
Clannad 17
Clannad 18
Clannad 19
Clannad 20
Clannad 21
Clannad 22
Clannad 23

After Story:
Clannad 24

Clannad Movie Full (premium account)

Clannad Movie Part1
Clannad Movie Part2
Clannad Movie Part1

Clannad Movie Low Quality


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