Genre: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy

Plot: Niwa Daisuke is just a normal teenager, until his 14th birthday. Every man of his family carrys a mysterious existence, Dark, in themselves and on their 14th birthday they transform to the “Phantom thief Dark” who steals certain Artworks. At his birthday Niwa’s transforming into the Phantom thief as well and from now on, he has to carry out his fate.

My opinion: D.N. Angel is one amazing masterpiece in the anime-industry. A really unique story and some amazing scenes a must-watch for every anime fan.

D.N.Angel 1
D.N.Angel 2
D.N.Angel 3
D.N.Angel 4
D.N.Angel 5
D.N.Angel 6
D.N.Angel 7
D.N.Angel 8
D.N.Angel 9
D.N.Angel 10
D.N.Angel 11
D.N.Angel 12
D.N.Angel 13
D.N.Angel 14
D.N.Angel 15
D.N.Angel 16
D.N.Angel 17
D.N.Angel 18
D.N.Angel 19
D.N.Angel 20
D.N.Angel 21
D.N.Angel 22
D.N.Angel 23
D.N.Angel 24
D.N.Angel 25
D.N.Angel 26


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