Genre: Comedy, Drama, (Romance)

Plot: After 5 Years Sana is returning to his hometown. He’s meeting a strange girl at a shrine and next day she turns out to be his childhood friend. Sana’s meeting his other friends as well but soon he’s to find out that Nanaka, the girls from the shrine’s changed due to some events in the past.

My opinion: Even though this anime’s called a romance anime, I don’t really think so. It’s more or less a (sometimes) boring story of the reunion of some childhood friends and their new experienced. Of course there are some romantic scenes as well, but most of it is fun or drama. The ending’s kinda unclear but you know what was meant.

Myself, Youself 1
Myself, Youself 2
Myself, Youself 3
Myself, Youself 4
Myself, Youself 5
Myself, Youself 6
Myself, Youself 7
Myself, Youself 8
Myself, Youself 9
Myself, Youself 10
Myself, Youself 11
Myself, Youself 12
Myself, Youself 13


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