September 2, 2009

Hey guys…if there’s still anybody out there who’s willing to read my blog xD^^. Today….I just thought…”HOLY SHIT!, I’ve got a blog…but I’m way no lazy to blog sth….what a waste”….and as I continued to think bout it….I decided that I should start to blog again…this time for real^^, maybe not bout EVERY on-going I watch (that would be way too hard…35 to 37 on-goings…I would srsly DIE!!!), but well…just sth like a daily report would be nice…wouldn’t it?!^^

Okaaay, a new time for my blog (after an almost eternal break xD)..that means I’ll probably come up with a new design as well…but not today…well…maybe today…who knows. Anyway, I hope u’ll like my blog v 2.0^^, and pls give me alot of feedback;).

(yeah, from now on I’m gonna sign my posts^^)

The crazy person behind your door;)



September 5, 2008

Sorry at all my readers (hmm,if there are any^^) that there weren’t any post recently, but I’ve started to play the Fate Stay Night Visual Novel (and you know, I got ADDICTED…^^). Of course, I’ve watched anime!!!!, but I haven’t found the time to write posts… I think by tomorrow or at least Sunday there’ll be posts again (sry,:'(^^) so please bear with it until then…


August 10, 2008


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August 9, 2008

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be afk ‘cuz I’m at holidays for two weeks (until Aug. 24th). I don’t know wheter there’s a possibilitie that I’ll have I-net or not, so maybe my next post’ll be in two weeks. Fortunately I’m equipped with a mountain of anime, so even without I-net, I’ll be able to watch my show’s (thanks to about 2 months preparation…^^).

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Let’s start

August 6, 2008

In this blog I’ll write my own impressions/opinions, in short all that is on my mind, about the anime I’m watching and some other, anime related topics. Furthermore I’ll try to complete the “Anime Downloads” part of this blog with all the anime I’ve watched so far and I’ll watch in the future, as well as the new ep. of the On-Going ones but this’ll take some time. I hope you’ll enjoy it an if you’ve got some recommendations for me, please don’t hesitate to post them, I’ll try to consider them during my writing. Last but not least, if there’s any mistake in my english, please forgive me ‘cuz I’m from Austria but I think the “international-anime-language” is english –> I shall write in this language^^. Then, let’s start.