August 27, 2008

Just now I changed nearly all of my posts with the “more-tag” (well, not every one was worth changing^^) and if you’re now wondering (well, that’s only at some posts the matter), “Why’s there so much text above the “more-tag”. There are two problems: One the one hand the pictures are perfectely placed^^ and on the other hand I need a picture above the “more-tag” –> the obvious result was this…
Well, there’s one more thing to say, for about 2 days anime-planet is online again, my life’s got a MEANING again^^


I just added Seto no Hanayome to the “Anime-dowloads” so please go ahead and enjoy it to your fullest^^…
Today and maybe tomorrow there’ll be no report on Higurashi season 2 ‘cuz I think it’ll be for nothing if I write the same things again so the next one’ll follow after I’ve finished (currently at ep. 19 –> it won’t take too long)